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Dhulobalir Jibon by Prachet Gupta - Bengali Books PDF

Book Name: Dhulobalir Jibon by Prachet Gupta - Bangla PDF Download
বাংলা বই :ধুলোবালির জীবন
 - প্রচেত গুপ্ত - পড়ুন  
Author Name: Pracheta Gupta
Book Category : Bangla Novel 
Book Format: PDF File - Portable Document Format
Book Language: Bengali
Book Info: 10 Megabytes and 145 Pages
Book Courtesy:  Amarboi & Mediafire

Book Review: 

Dhulobalir Jibon by Prachet Gupta  is a Popular Bangla Book and another popular novel of the Prochet Gupta. Prachet Gupta, Procheto Gupta or Procheta Gupta is a Bengali writer and journalist. He was born on 14 October 1962. In 2007, his work Chander Bari has been adapted into a Bengali film by director Tarun Majumdar. In 2011, director Sekhar Das made film on Gupta's story Chor-er bou ("Wife of a thief"), the film was named Necklace. One of the front runners in contemporary Begali literature, few of his stories have been translated into Hindi, Oriya and Marathi language. He is a key writer of the magazine Unish-Kuri, Sananda, Desh. Most Popular Books of Prachet Gupta are Amar Ja Ache, Sagor Hoyte Shabdhan, Deri Hoye Geche, Gopon Bakso Khulte Nai, Kothao Noy, Ek Je Chilo Sagor, She Iraboti, Chand Pore Ase, Kollan Purer Kando, Shit Khub Dure Noy, Chupi Chupi Bolsi, Tin Nombor Chiti, Rajkonna, Mukto Aborone etc. Download Prachet Gupta Popular Novels, Short Stories,  Bangla Books, Novel, stories, essays, Bangla Movies in pdf and Read Dhulobalir Jiban, Dhulobalir Jibon by Prachet Gupta PDF Books Download - প্রচেত গুপ্ত এর জনপ্রিয় ছোটগল্প,  জনপ্রিয় উপন্যাস , বাংলা বই, নাটক, গল্প, প্রবন্ধ, বাংলা সাহিত্যের বই ডাউনলোড করুন ও পড়ুন। 

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