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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Maa Fatema (Ra) Er Jiboni by Mawlana Khan Muhammad M.A Saiful Islam Juktibaadi

Book Name: Maa Fatema (Ra) Er Jiboni by Mawlana Khan Muhammad M.A Saiful Islam Juktibaadi 
ইসলামিক বই: হযরত মা ফাতেমা (রাঃ) এর জীবনী - মাওলানা খান মোঃ এম.এ সাইফুল ইসলাম যুক্তিবাদী   
Book Category : Islamic Books
Book Format: PDF File - Portable Document Format
Book Language: Bengali
Book Info: 5.5 Megabytes and 152 Pages
Book Courtesy: Bangla PDF & Mediafire

Book Review:
Maa Fatema (Ra) Er Jiboni by Mawlana Khan Muhammad M.A Saiful Islam Juktibaadi  is a Islamic book in Bengali Language and Biography of Fatimah bint Muhammad (RA). Fatima (RA) was born on 27 July 605 AD and died on 28 August 632. She was the youngest daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and Khadijah.  She was a wife of Ali and mother of Hasan and Husayn. She is the object of love and respect of Muslims. Mawlana Khan Muhammad M.A Saiful Islam Juktibaadi is an Islamic Scholar & Islamic Books writer of Bangladesh in Bengali. He is popular for writings children books related Islam and Biography writings. Popular Books of Mawlana Khan Muhammad M.A Saiful Islam Juktibaadi are Moroner Age o Pore Pothik Thamo, Chotoder Hazat Osman (RA), Chotoder Ma Fatema (RA), Chotoder Boropir Abdul Kader Jilani (RA), Chotoder Hazarar Ali (RA) etc . Popular Islamic Books in Bengali are Bible, Biggan & Quran, Hadith-Purba BibhagMahapurus Ccharita, Mahapurush Mohammad O Tatprabartita Islam Dharma, Imam Hasan O Husainer Jibani, Al Quran ek Mohabissoy, Ramadan preparation : 8 tips in Bengali, Hajj Guide in Bengali  etc . Download Bengali Translated Islamic Books in Bengali (Bangla Anubad), Islamic Biography Books in Bengali in pdf format and Read  Maa Fatema (Ra) Er Jiboni by Mawlana Khan Muhammad M.A Saiful Islam Juktibaadi PDF - Popular Islamic Books in Bengali PDF Download - বাংলায় ইসলামী বই ডাউনলোড করুন পিডিএফ, জনপ্রিয় ইসলামিক বই। 

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