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Arundhati Roy - Famous Indian Writer

Writer Profile/ Biography: Arundhati Roy
Arundhati Roy was born on November 24, 1961 in Shillong where her father was employed as a tea planter. She spent her childhood in the village of Aymanam in Kerala. She was the product of a broken house since her father divorced her mother a few years after her birth. The Aymanam community was a very conservative one governed by patriarchal norms. This occurrence very often got reflected in her novel The God of Small Things.
Arundhati was brilliant in her studies even though she worked hard as a pickle bottle packer in her grandmother’s pickle factory. She was a voracious reader and there was hardly any teacher in the school who could match and satiate her reading urges. She attended the Delhi School of Architecture where she topped in her thesis paper. She went to Italy after getting a scholarship from the National Institute of Urban Affairs where she worked as a research assistant.
Arundhati dedicated herself to the writing The God of Small Things as more of a private dialogue with herself. The novel brought her to the limelight and she won the Bookers Prize. Her first professional writing assignment was writing the commentary of Ashok Chandola’s documentary film How the Rhinoceros Returned. She also wrote the screenplay for a television screenplay The Bunyan Tree. Roy’s manuscript of The God of Small Things was sent to three British publishers. Eventually the Random House printed her book. The God of Small Things broke all previous records in respect of sales worldwide.
Arundhati wrote The End of Imagination whose theme was about her stand against Indian nuclearization. She argued that nuclear explosions will devastate our ecology and wipe away our existence. Arundhati pointed out that our mind needs the balm of nature’s touch and beauty. She also raised her voice against India’s large-scale hydroelectric dam projects. Roy was honoured with Sydney Peace Prize for her contributions towards social service and advocacy of non-violence. Download Bangla and English Novels, Translated Books of Arundhati Roy in pdf format.  View or Read more books of Arundhati Ray

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