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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Rabindranath Tagore Books Download

Writer Profile/Biography: Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore (sobriquet Gurudev, Biswa Kabi) is Bengali Writer, poet, Song Compser who reshaped Bengali literature and music in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Rabindranath Tagore was the fourteenth child of his parents Dwarkanath Tagore and Sharada Devi. He was born on May 7, 1861 in the ancestral mansion, Jorasanko in Central Calcutta. As a child, he had to remain under the supervision of house servants because he could not get close to her mother who was in charge of a large family. He was given formal education under the guidance of able teachers on subjects like Mathematics, Sanskrit, Grammar and other languages. There was even a wrestling instructor. Subsequently, he was sent to school but Rabindranath detested the strict regimentation of school system. Soon he became a drop out.
The confined life at home gave rise to two instincts within him, joy and mystery. He went to England but returned without completing studies. Rabindranath escorted his father to Himalayas in 1873. His first poem Banaphool was published in a Bengali magazine in 1876. He entered into wedlock with Mrinalini Devi on 9th December 1883. He had two sons and three daughters. Kadambari Devi, his sister-in-law was a major inspirational source in his life.
During the 81 years of his life, Rabindranath spent 68 years in roving the literary world and created some hundreds of verses. He received the Nobel Prize for Gitanjali in 1913. However, he refused the title of ‘Sir’ conferred by the British Government in due protest of Jallianwalla Bagh Tragedy. Rabindranath was an ardent over of natural bounty. He was a great patriot. He established the Viswa Bharati University.
Rabindranath’s spiritual views were not restricted to conventional beliefs of God residing n temples. He found God in every being, in every creation of beauty and aesthetics.
Tagore wrote innumerable dramas, poetry, fiction and memoirs, novel and short stories. His famous poetries are Bhanusingher Padabali, Sonar Tari, Balaka, and Gitimalya. Dramas include Balmiki Pratibha, Bisarjan, Raja, Dakghar, Achalayatan, and Raktakarabi. Fictions include Nostonir, Gora, Ghare Bairey and Jogajog. He left the earthly abode in 1941.. His popular Books and songs are Gitanjali, Gora, Ghare-Baire, Jana Gana Mana, Rabindra Sangeet, Amar Shonar Bangla etc. Download Novel, Poetry, Short Stories, Drama, Songs and read Rabindranath Tagore Bangla Books.   
List of Books of Rabindranath          Laboratory          Gora         Gitanjoly         Rajorshi         Bou Thakuranir Hat         Chokher Bali         Malancha         Noukadubi         Projapotir Nirrbondo         Char Oddhay         Choturango         Dui Bon         Ghore Baire         Shesher Kabita     Drama          Shama         Shapmochon         Bosonto         Shraban Gatha         Rinshod         Sesh Borshon         Roktokorobi   Travel Story          Parosse         Pather Sanchoy     Short Story          Boloy         Daliya         Bicharok         Detective         Bhikharini         Didi         Chhuti    Aporichita         Bolai         Bostomi         Anadhikar Probesh         Danprotidan         Choraidhon         Byabodhan         Asombhob Katha         Bodnam         Denapawna         Chitrokor         Adhayapok         Laboratory      Kabuliwala         Ghater Kotha         Gupta Dhon         Jibito O Mrito         Drishtidan         Kormo Fol         Konkal         Khata         Ichhapuron         Jogesworer Jogyo     Joy Porajoy         Karuna         Manager Babu         Ekti Ashare Golpo         Dorpohoron         Durbuddhi         Master Moshayi         Shesh Kotha         Somapti         Shesher Ratri         Uddhar         Ulu Khorer Bipod         Sodor O Andor         Taposwini         Post Master         Rabibar         Patra O Patri         Otithi         Strir Potro         Protibeshini         Thakur-Da   Essay/Article    Charitro Puja    Manusher Dhormo         Nirob Kobi O Ashikkhito KobiBharatbarshoer Itihas        Shofolotar Shodupay      Nari         Impirialism     Japan-Jatri    Sotyer Angsho       Sotyer Angsho.pdf     Choto O Boro   Baulergaan View or Read More Books of Tagore

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